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Living in Lekki, Ajah areas in Lagos state also means having to deal with many different types of pests in homes and businesses. Some of the common pests in Ajah, Lagos include cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes, termites and even snakes. A pest infestation may start out small but quickly expand to other areas of your home, office, shop or warehouse as they begin to reproduce.

Do you need fumigation or pest control service?

At first, you might notice one or two cockroaches or mice in your home or office. At this point simply using a mouse trap or removing the roach might work. Some people place rat poison to catch rat or use insecticides. However, this method may not be safe for everybody to use, especially children with breathing problems.

De Cleaners fumigation and pest control service is designed to protect products in your home or office. We provide a complete range of fumigation services that covers every stage of your project. We are based in Ajah, Lagos and have very well trained teams of fumigation specialists ready to provide fumigation service anywhere in Lagos.

All fumigation employees are skilled and qualified in fumigation and pest control services. Our fumigation and pest control products are tested frequently to meet industry standards. All our staffs are outfitted with the latest fumigation technology in fumigation monitoring equipment. We document all procedures in writing.


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