Oct 24, 2016


Doors come in different forms, sizes and designs. It can be plain solid wood, vinyl, aluminum, folding doors, decorated glass, security doors and so on.

The first impression many people have when visiting your house will be how clean and elegant your house is.

Doors need to be cleaned always to get rid of dust and germs. We will be discussing wood doors and sliding glass doors cleaning.

To clean wooden doors, you will need:

Multi-purpose cleaner

Scrub brush

Clean towel


First dust the door by removing any loose or dust. You can use a vacuum machine to remove the dust from the corners and crevices. You can use a soft paint brush in case the vacuum cleaner is not available. Dust the top of the door and inside any decorative details and edges.

Dip a sponge in the soap solution and apply on the door. Use a scrub brush to remove tough stains on the doors.

Wipe the door using a soft, clean and dry towel. Clean the door knobs or the handle.


Cleaning sliding glass doors

Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the frame of the door. Also clean the glass inside and outside. Spray multi purpose  on the dirt and allow it to loosen the dirt. Use a brush to remove the dirt, cleaning the corners and crevices.

Then use a towel to wipe clean.

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